Monday, July 24, 2017

Snack Snapshot: RXBAR Kids

The modern grocery store is a vast landscape of flavors--some of which are natural, some of which are created by scientists in a lab. When it comes to feeding yourself and your kids, what are you more likely to choose? If you want to have a product that doesn't put bad stuff in good products, RXBAR is a brand that doesn't mess around.

RXBAR has a new line of protein bars made especially for kids. These bars have fun flavors such as chocolate chip, berry blast and apple raisin cinnamon. If you are already familiar with the brand, then you know they are transparent as to what their ingredients are. Unlike most other brands, they put the ingredients right on the front of the package, letting you know what you are putting into your body.

When it comes to feeding these bars to kids, the ingredients are great. It may be a toss up on flavor and texture, however. Kids who aren't fans of a taffy-like texture may not like these bars--it definitely takes awhile to chew. The flavors are good (the apple cinnamon raisin was by far the best and most accurate), but non-fruit flavors such as chocolate chip do not taste anything like chocolate. This variety still has a very fruity flavor, considering one of the major ingredients in each bar is dates.

Whether you want to give them to your kids or yourself because you're still a kid a heart, these bars can help you avoid all the bad stuff in the grocery store.

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