Thursday, May 4, 2017

That Photo Ready Finish: Revlon's PhotoReady Perfecting Primer and Insta-Fix Hightlighter & Blush Duo

Thanks to a sampling mission from Crowdtap, I've been trying out some of Revlon's latest products. These three products are part of the PhotoReady line, a collection that let's you look your photo-ready best in any light. Let's take a closer look:

Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer

This product is great because it can work well on its own or with foundation. As the first product you put on your face each morning, this primer helps to smooth and perfect your skin. I like it because I can choose to wear it without a bunch of other concealers and foundations if I want a simple, natural look. I also like the packaging--easy to pump and get the right amount of primer for my face.

This product comes in three versions: perfecting (shown here), brightening, and pore minimizing.

Revlon Insta-Fix Highlighter and Insta-Blush Duo

First, the blush. Although I've been slowly evolving when it comes to makeup, I still tend to avoid blush because I think it will make my reddish cheeks look even worse. I'll admit when I'm wrong. The blush helped to define my cheeks and make the roundness of my face a little less visible. The pinkness of the blush also worked extremely well with my skin tone, giving my face color in all the right places.

This product comes in four shades: rose gold kiss (shown here), candy kiss, berry kiss, and nude kiss. 

The Insta-Fix highlighter is one of those products I thought was just a trend--I didn't think I needed a high-glow look unless I was going full-glam on Instagram. But really, the highlighting stick has changed my mind. Yes, it makes me look bright and glowing in my photos, but beyond that I just have a naturally brighter look in real life. It's something I never thought I would want to use, but I think it's becoming one of my favorite beauty products so far this year.

This product comes in two colors: pink light (shown here) and gold light.

About Those Photos...

Because this is a product line that's promoted to enhance your features when you take a photo, I want to talk about how my photos turned out. I used a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Fuji Instax Mini 8. Surprisingly, the best (in my opinion) turned out to be the instant photo because it flooded my face with light. It's also the photo that looks the most glam, like I was trying hard to create a look rather than have a natural glow.

When it comes to the smartphone photos, I found that the front facing camera (no flash available) didn't quite pick up on the details of the makeup. the rear camera (without flash used, but low light detection on) picked up a subtle overall brightness, but if I wanted the highlights to really stand out, I could have turned on the flash to pick it up. If you are taking shots with a pro DSLR, you can create any level of intensity with the brightness of the makeup. And if you don't have pro cameras laying around, there are always filters. ;-)