Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's Time to #WearWhatYouWant

Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. It's ninety degrees outside, the sun is shining, you've got your perfect pair of shades on, a fitted tank and your favorite white shorts. Yep, I said white shorts. That's when you lean over and whisper, "I can't. It's that time of the month." And then you realize that you CAN wear those white shorts--as long as you have Always Radiant Infinity to keep you protected.

I was able to try Always Radiant with FlexFoam complimentary from Influenster. And I can tell you, these are some of the best period protection products out there. The foam core of the pad absorbs 10 times its weight which gives you the ultimate protect for up to eight hours. These pads are also thin and flexible, giving you the feeling that you're wearing nothing at all. And let's be honest--packaging usually doesn't mean anything when you are talking about a great product, but with something like pads and tampons that you have to carry around with you, cute packaging is just the icing on your metaphorical cake. And this packaging takes the cake.

So come on, Ladies. With Always at your side, there's no reason you can't wear what you want, all day, every day. With all that confidence, what will YOU be wearing?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Getting a Better Night's Sleep

Looking good, feeling good and doing your best at work each day--we all know that story. And we all know that having all three of those things coincide is practically a miracle! One of the ways that feeling your best is accomplished is by getting the right amount of sleep each night. For most adults, that's six to eight hours. How many of you are getting that kind of sleep? I know that I'm not (especially during Camp NaNoWriMo!).

This ZzzQuil sample was provided by Influenster free for testing purposes.

So what can you do if you aren't able to get to sleep when you need to? A sleep aid can be just what you need for those occasions where sleep just won't come. And I know what you're thinking--I don't want to take sleeping pills. Those could be dangerous! Well, we're not talking about the prescriptions that come from a doctor. What we're talking about here is a product like ZzzQuil--a safe, over-the-counter, non-habit forming product that can be used for occasional sleeplessness.

I've taken it on one or two of those restless evenings, and I can tell you that it works just like it's supposed to. It lets you get to sleep without any of the groggy side effects the next morning. So you'll be ready to go and accomplish life like a boss--or at least get your morning coffee order right. :-)