Monday, April 10, 2017

Check it Out: March #PinchMe Samples

Over the weekend I received my latest box from PinchMe and I couldn't be happier about the selection of products I was able to try. Here's the rundown:

N.B.T.F. - Nothing But The Fruit - Real Fruit Bites

To be perfectly honest, I'm more of a veggie person than a fruit person. And in particular, red fruit isn't really my favorite. But these raspberry fruit bites were good--they taste just like a candy gummy, only these bites are made from pure fruit (and in the case of raspberry chia, also chia seeds). I liked them a lot. The packaging was good too, because it had enough to satisfy me without feeling like too much or too little for one sitting.

Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint

No surprise here--I'm also not a tea person most of the time. But there are occasions when I do indulge, and Pure Leaf has come up with a flavor I truly enjoy. I have always liked green tea, whether cold or hot varieties, but with mint tea, I've never found one that didn't taste like someone swirled a candy cane in a cup of hot water. With this combination, I can enjoy both flavors and the strength of the tea doesn't favor one flavor over the other. I would definitely try this one again.

Sensodyne Deep Clean

After enjoying fruit snacks and tea, it's time to make sure to keep your mouth clean and pain free. Sensodyne Deep Clean is made to keep your teeth clean and healthy while assisting with tooth sensitivity. I have occasional sensitivity, so this is the first time I've tried a toothpaste specifically for that issue. I liked the fresh minty taste, but the product is gel, and I do prefer the texture of paste (or a paste/gel combo). I haven't had sensitivity since using it, but I haven't been eating or drinking a lot of cold products either. Overall, it's a good product for your mouth care routine.

That's it for this box! Check back in soon to see what's coming up next time. 

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