Thursday, January 14, 2016

My January Look: Showered in Comfort

January in the Midwest is cold. And snowy. Add a few gusts of wind, and you've got a miserable combination of weather. But that doesn't mean you have to put on stretched out, bulky sweaters and ratty socks to stay warm (although, if this is your favorite lounge wear, go for it!). Here are some of the things that I'm going to be wearing and using during January to keep my spirits up, even in the face of an unrelenting winter.

January Style

A Comfy Shirt
I received this exact Old Navy shirt for Christmas. This is one of the most comfortable shirts I've owned in a long time. I like that it is made from soft materials and the quilting adds a little bit of wintery accent to it. 

Sturdy Jeans
If you're like me and don't park your car in a garage, you need a good, sturdy pair of jeans to wear while cleaning off all the snow and ice before you leave for the day. And as all the fashion experts will tell you, dark washes make you look like your best self.

Bold Lips
For my makeup, I tend to go darker and bolder in the winter months. This Rimmel lipstick is my go-to when I want to make a statement. I'm also dying to check out darker colors like maroons and dark berries.

Great Boots
Boots are a must in the colder months, but as many of you in snowy areas know, great fashion boots don't always make great snow boots. So these are for walking around the inside, paired with leggings and a long sweater.

Statement Bag
Winter white and furry? Yes please! This bag looks amazing. I'm going to need to find one of these to go with my winter style.

Yes. Notebooks are a MUST for a writer. I don't leave home without a working pen (don't you hate it when you find out that the ink is all dry?!) and some type of notebook to jot down all of my inspirations.

What does you January style look like?

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